Are There Any Security Measures In Place At The Student Accommodation In Newcastle?

Security Measures In Place At The Student Accommodation In Newcastle

The Shield in Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the most reputable and well-established student accommodation in the city. The complex is designed to provide a shield and a safe haven for students in the centre of the city, away from all the noise and chaos. The Shield is an incredible choice for those who love to socialise, relax and study all at the same time. It also provides many facilities including a large social area, meeting rooms, gym, study room and more. All of this is tied together with a highly supportive and easily approachable staff.

Known as ‘The 15-Minute City’ due to it being believed that everything can be reached in just 15 minutes, Newcastle is one of the UK’s most iconic cosmopolitan cities with stunning Georgian architecture, vibrant culture and buzzing nightlife. The city has a huge historical heritage with coal mining and engineering being a big part of its past, but it’s now a major business hub and one of the best places to live in the UK.

Newcastle student accommodation is in high demand as it’s a great place to be a student. The city has two of the country’s most prestigious universities, Newcastle University and Northumbria University. It is ranked 42nd in the 2023 QS Best Student Cities ranking and has an excellent reputation for its research and teaching. There are many things to do and see in the city, including famous landmarks like the Millennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge.

Are There Any Security Measures In Place At The Student Accommodation In Newcastle?

There are a number of security measures in place at the student accommodation in Newcastle, to help keep all residents safe and feel secure. These include CCTV, access control systems, 24-hour on-site security and more. These are all in place to deter crime and make it harder for people to break into a property if they want to.

The location of student accommodation plays a significant role in academic success. Living close to educational institutions minimizes commuting time and allows students to allocate more time to studying, extracurricular activities, and rest. Additionally, being in close proximity to libraries, laboratories, and classrooms enhances accessibility and provides students with the convenience of reaching their academic resources quickly.

It is important to always lock up your flat or room when you leave it, especially if you are going out for the day or night. This will stop items being stolen, as well as prevent someone from snooping around your bedroom if they are suspicious. If you ever feel uneasy or unsafe in your Newcastle student accommodation, it is a good idea to report it straight away to the management team, who can be on hand to assist you.

As a paying tenant, you can not allow anyone to enter your home without giving you 24 hours notice, unless it is an emergency. This can be a fire, flood, gas leak or if there is someone in danger. It’s also a good idea to have a lock on your bedroom door, as this can reduce the chances of thieves gaining entry and being able to steal your belongings.

A secure and supportive student residence like The Mansion Tyne in Newcastle can be a real lifeline during your studies. With fab on-site features such as a pool table, games room and cinema room, you can chill with your squad, or get stuck in with your work. You can also take advantage of the free high-speed WiFi, contents insurance, electricity, heating and water that are all included in your rent payment!

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