Rwanda under a veil

Sundaram’s title, “Bad News,” is appropriately titled to describe what reporting the news in Rwanda is not about. There, under President Kegame, only half of the news is written. The bad news, the news that in some way slightly criticizes or portrays the dictator negatively, is treated harshly and in many ways. This is the main reason for the author’s […]

The Seven C’s of Teamwork By Eduardo Salas, PhD

At the 10th annual Midwest Interprofessional Education and Practice Conference (MIPERC) in Grand Rapids, MI. the focus of the conference was to highlight the need for clinicians to understand each other’s areas of expertise and work together effectively to achieve optimal patient outcomes. One of the keynote speakers at this year’s conference was Dr. Eduardo Salas, a psychology graduate and […]

Difference between PDF and Word document

Word documents and the portable document format are the two most widely used document tools. The Word application is a word processing program released in 1983 as ‘Multi-Tool Word’. A word is an editable format that allows users to edit and customize information as per requirement. It underwent many revisions with the latest version of 2007 and 2008. On the […]

Where are social media headed in 2020?

Social media trends to watch out for A social media marketing strategy is on the minds of many small business owners. And if it’s not in yours, it should be! Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram battle for market shares by adjusting their business models to balance delivering better returns for shareholders with improving the user experience. As […]

Improve your marketing with hashtags

What is a hashtag anyway? A hashtag is defined as a useful word or phrase preceded by a pound sign ‘#’. It is most commonly used on social media sites to link posts or content to the specific word or phrase identified by the hashtag. Hashtags allow you to group messages or posts linked to the hashtag. The power of […]

Why Insurance Agencies Should Create Resource Libraries On Insurance Websites

Your insurance agency likely has a lot of valuable things to offer and you probably want to share at least some of these things with potential clients and clients. If so, your agency should consider creating a resource library on the attractive insurance agency website. Website resource libraries provide a great opportunity for businesses, providing a cost-effective platform for sharing […]