Please be aware of these factors when renting in Leeds!

Essential considerations regarding accommodation applications for study in the UK:

1. Price

Accommodation at UK universities is usually divided into: dormitory room types are divided into Standard, En-suite room and Studio flat. The price of accommodation also varies greatly depending on the size, facilities and type. Students should look for accommodation according to their actual needs when choosing Leeds student accommodation, and it is also very important to make a good budget when you choose your accommodation!

2. Geographical location

Geographical location is also one of the important factors to consider when choosing our halls of residence, and a good location in turn usually affects the price of the halls. Accommodation close to the campus or city centre will usually be slightly more expensive, with accommodation prices at universities such as those in the London area being unique.

When choosing a location, you will usually also need to consider several factors:

How far it is from your classes:

Is it within walking distance, or do you need to take a few bus stops, or do you need to take the train?

Transport links:

Is the residence hall accessible by public transport to the university and the city?


Find out about the surroundings and facilities of your student accommodation in Leeds and see if you want to live in a busy city or a peaceful countryside.

3. Accommodation facilities

Once you have decided on your price point and location, it is time to compare the facilities and amenities of your accommodation.

Self-catered dormitories usually provide breakfast and dinner, and some provide three meals, but usually not dinner during holidays.

However, for Chinese students, it is advisable to choose a self-catering dormitory. The food in the Rotten Country is a bit uncomfortable for most people who go there, right!


In UK university accommodation, single and double rooms usually have individual bathrooms, while rooms for three or more people need to share bathrooms with others. This depends on whether you are used to sharing a bathroom or not!

4. Special needs

For some students with special needs, such as disability services or special needs for catering, you will need to consider whether this service is supported when applying for accommodation.

Finally, here are some common terms you may encounter when applying for university accommodation in the UK:

Single Bedroom Single room (shared kitchen and bathroom)

Single Room with Basin, also a single room, but with an extra washbasin mdash;mdash; more options for students

Single Bedroom Studio: a single flat with its own bathroom and modern kitchen

Shared Studio: Double room with shared bathroom, kitchen and living area for two students

Single Study Bedroom: Single room with en-suite bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and recreational space for 6-8 students

1 bed flat is simply a one-bedroom apartment with one bedroom, ensuite bathroom and kitchen (the kitchen is separate from the bedroom), 2 bed flat is a two-bedroom apartment with two bedrooms, shared kitchen and bathroom.”

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