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Secrets to Instantly Longer and Sexier Legs

Have you ever looked at leggy models and longed to have those endless slim legs? You’re not alone. Every woman wants to have long and sexy legs.

However, nature has not treated all women equally in this department. Some lucky ones have legs up to the armpits, while others have them shorter. If you’re in the latter group and can’t grow another inch, you can at least give the illusion that you have the legacy of a gazelle. A little knowledge goes a long way in what is at stake in fashion. Read on to learn the secrets to longer, sexier legs in an instant.

high heels

The most obvious way to instantly lengthen your legs is, of course, to wear high heels. When you wear high-heeled shoes, you not only increase your height, but also increase your sex pussy score. High heels make you arch your back, jut out your buttocks, and give your leg muscles more definition all at the same time. So you see, your legs can be long and sexy too!


To make your legs last even longer, choose shoes with toes. Pointed toes, especially if chosen slightly longer than the actual foot, will give the illusion of a longer foot and leg.

color matters

Matching the color of your shoes to your legs will give the illusion that your legs are longer as there is no break in color. Wear nude heels with bare legs or black shoes with black stockings. For a more heightened effect, match the color of your skirt or dress, ie black skirt/black tights/black shoes.


Bootcut and straight pants will give you a slim silhouette. High heels will also add a few extra inches. Choose long pants or jeans so that your heels are hidden by the hem. Here you go, long legs in a jiffy.


Another way to lengthen your legs is a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans. Be sure to tuck the top inside the waistband of the pants. Since your waist will be higher, your torso will appear shorter in comparison. This effect will give the illusion that your legs last forever. Ready.

Belted dress

You can achieve the effect of a higher waist, like the one above, with a dress. Choose a dress that hits just above the knee and cinches your waist with a belt in a contrasting color. As long as the belt sits higher than your natural waist, this will give you legs to die for. Don’t forget about high heels, of course.

Now you too can enjoy longer, sexier legs in an instant with these quick and easy tips.

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