The hummingbird sex act from the TV show My Own Worst Enemy!

Have you heard of the hummingbird sexual act? It was recently popularized on the TV show “My Own Worst Enemy”. So what is it? How do you do it? Does it really work?

It works, and it works very well, as the character in “My Own Worst Enemy” poignantly pointed out. This is what it is and how to do it exactly:

1. The sexual act of the hummingbird begins with oral sex. Now, this can be done by either partner, or by both partners at the same time.

2. While performing oral sex, you want to hum. That’s right, huh. The key is to try to hum one of your favorite songs. One that you can easily and consistently recite without interruption. While performing oral sex, start humming your favorite song.

3. Make sure the contact is firm! This technique works through the vibrations of humming. You want the humming to be as effective as possible, so the more contact you have, the better.

4. Try to hum in a lower pitch, rather than higher. Lower pitched hums give off more vibration and therefore more pleasure.

5. Lip tightening is key to hummingbird sexual technique. Put your hand to your lips and try humming right now. Now purse your lips and you should really feel the vibrations from your lips. Don’t suck on your cheeks trying to make fish lips, as this interrupts the vibration. Try it and you will see.

That’s the now-famous hummingbird sex technique that the TV show character claimed to experience incredible pleasure from. In that case, it was the male who gave the hummingbird sexual intercourse to the female, but as stated above, it can go either way. And to make it even more erotic, you can both do it at the same time!

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