5 reasons why you should do daily missions every day

Daily Quests are an important component for your World of Warcraft character. If you are not doing them regularly, you are missing several easily achieved goals. These goals can help strengthen your character in ways that cannot be achieved through many other sources. Creating a daily routine of a way forward will allow you to complete your missions in the most efficient manner. Once you’ve chosen a regular route, you can easily complete all 25 tasks in less than 2 hours. Here are 5 reasons why you should do daily missions every day you play.

  1. The main reason you should do quests every day is to keep a constant supply of gold in your account. Each day you complete the 25 available missions, you will earn between 400 and 500 gold. If you complete your 25 goals every day for a week, you just made 3,500 gold.
  2. Reputation is an important factor in the game. Each mission you do will earn you a reputation reward with the faction of your choice. You must model your daily routine throughout a course that includes missions from your desired faction.
  3. Completing these missions regularly will allow you to easily obtain a starting set of raid gear. You must have a basic set of raid or dungeon equipment to be invited to the main raid parties. Earning reputation through missions is one of the easiest ways to get your first epic gear.
  4. The only way to get the best item enchantments is through reputation. Head and shoulder enchantments give your character an advantage in whatever skill set you choose. These items are not available to buy from other players.
  5. Another great reason to do daily missions is to get out of town. The current World of Warcrafts party search system almost encourages players to sit in capitals and wait for groups to form. You will appreciate the extensive details of the game world more if you go out and watch it.

There are many reasons to do daily quests whenever you can. This short list only names a few of them. By creating a regular routine, based on your chosen factions, you will achieve your goals in a timely manner. You will see your progress every day. The reputation tab on your character’s screen will show you exactly how many more days you need. Calculate how much reputation you are earning each day and constantly monitor your progress.
If your character is new to level 85, this building block should be your first goal.

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