How do popular smart speakers respond to voice search in different languages?

In recent years, smart speakers have become increasingly popular in the US These wireless speakers are one of the most recent advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) technology. They respond to voice commands and are capable of a wide variety of functions, from searching the Internet to playing a song or playlist, checking the weather report, creating a to-do list, controlling […]

Facebook – How to register

Facebook may seem daunting at first, but as soon as you start with a personal profile page, you’ll see that it’s fun and easy to navigate. The first question that some of you may not even dare to ask is: How to register? With the registration process, you will be creating a personal profile page, which is the beginning of […]

Public Key Encryption Explained Along With Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Cryptography or cryptology is the art and study of passing information without the intrusion of prying eyes. History suggests that this method has been prevalent for centuries, from the ancient Greeks to the World War era; however, its contemporary form is still used in modern digital communication and computer security authentication. The inexplicable failure of traditional encryption (symmetric cryptography) in […]

Fitbit, fun, forensics and enemies

Have you tracked your 10,000 steps today? Has anyone else tracked them down? Fitness trackers are big business, they help people get and stay fit, and they help them share their progress with friends and sometimes strangers. Probably the best known of these devices (and apps) are FitBit and the apps paired with the Apple Watch, but they also include […]

An exotic honeymoon that never ends

The honeymoon never has to end. When you visit a tropical paradise on that first trip together, you will have memories to last a lifetime, and you will be hooked on sitting on the beach, enjoying the warm waters and sampling the sumptuous cuisines of Asia. He will return for his second honeymoon, his third, his fourth and on his […]

Innovate to stay alive

Recently, I was reading an interesting case of a mobile phone manufacturing company that until a couple of years ago was the leading and most preferred brand in the world, and all of a sudden it is struggling to keep up with the competition. The reason? Well, competitors have managed to introduce better, cheaper and faster products with superior technology. […]

The SEO Power of Facebook PVA

PVA stands for Phone Verified Account. It is a type of account offered by Google and other online services. You have the option of having a PVA or non-PVA account even on Facebook. Although this social media platform does not actually call the PVA account, you will sign up for one when you need to verify a cell phone number. […]

The Ultimate Super Phone: HTC Sensation XE

Make way for another exciting mobile phone. More than a smartphone, the HTC Sensation XE is your super phone of choice. It’s packed with great features that will give you a completely different mobile experience. It’s fast, stylish, and has built-in Beats Audio to top it off. As a super phone, the HTC Sensation XE is powered by a 1.5 […]

Rhythm in music

Quarter Note = 1 count A black is all black with a stem that rises or falls. I call it our “step” note because the note just goes on and on. With 4/4, you would have a measure of 4 quarter notes because a quarter note has 1 count. Remember that music and math go together. Half note = 2 […]