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Things to keep you busy when on holiday in Granada

Holidays in Grenada offer much more than just a long stretch of perfect beaches like the world famous Grand Anse Beach. The territory also has a National Park where tourists have the opportunity to see the unspoiled natural beauty of nature. Who wouldn’t be surprised to see the colorful flora, lush waterfalls, and a few other highlights of the rainforest? The place simply has some of the best scenery in the Caribbean.

Holidays in Grenada are not just an ordinary trip because as you tour and see what the island has to offer, you will also learn many things, such as the fascinating history of the island.

One of Grenada’s most popular attractions that also tells something about the island’s history is Fort St. George. The fort was originally built in 1705 by the people of France. The huge building has a good aerial view of the port, so you should not miss this place when you are in Granada.

Anyway, St. George is the capital of Grenada and has always been seen as one of the most picturesque places in the Caribbean region. And since this is the capital, most of the population lives here.
Holidays in Grenada offer vacationers many exciting activities to try or delve into, such as visiting the spice farms and rum distilleries and exploring the various shipwrecked cargo ships as well as the sunken cruise ships that have accumulated on the ocean floor at over the years. Some other things to do on the island are:

whale watching
If you want to have a great experience with this activity, visit Granada anywhere from December to April. These are the best months for humpback whale watching because it is the whale migration season.
This can be a memorable moment for everyone. The expedition lasts a maximum of five hours and the package always includes food and drinks. In addition, you also have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins if you wish.

water skiing and windsurfing
This has become one of the favorite pastimes on the island, especially with the warm water temperatures that are ideal for sports. You will find a good number of water sports centers that are renting equipment at cheap prices.

Now, if you want to try this activity, go to the Secret Port where you will find the Moorings’ Club Mariner Nautical Center. They provide services that include the use of speedboats to reach Hog Island, the best place for snorkeling, water skiing and windsurfing.

Finally, on your vacation in Granada, you can have fun doing this one of the favorite activities in Granada. Granada’s coastline is dotted with small coves, ports and private beaches, making it ideal for sailing.

Most of the chartered sailboats and catamarans you can rent will anchor in a good spot so you have the chance to swim, snorkel or dive. There are also annual regatta events that you can attend when you are on the island during the event.

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